Fall Spring Summer
EGGN-1110 The Engineering Profes
CHEM-1050 Chem for Engineers
CS-1210 C++ Programming
EGCP-1010 Digital Logic Design
BEGE-1720 Spiritual Formation
MATH-1710 Calculus I
EGME-1810 Engineering Graphics
BEGE-1710 Christian Life & Thoug
MATH-1720 Calculus IICS-1220
Obj-Orient Design/C++
ENG-1400 Composition
PEF-1990 Phys Act & the Christi
CS-2210 Data Struct Using Java
LIT-2300 Intro to Literature
COM-1100 Fundamentals of Speech
GBIO-1000 Prin of Biology
ANTH-1800 Cultural Anthropology
HIST-2020 Hist Civilizatn II
GSS-1100 Politics & American Cu
PHYS-2110 General Physics I
BEGE-2730 Old Testament Literatu
HUM-1400 Intro to Humanities
CS-3310 Operating Systems
MATH-2740 Differential Equations
EGCP-2120 Microcontrollers
PHYS-2120 General Physics II
CS-3610 Database Org & Design
EGCP-3210 Computer Architecture
EGEE-2010 Circuits
MATH-2510 Discrete Math-Computer
BEGE-2740 New Testament Literatu
EGGN-2960 Comp Proj-Robotics
CS-3410 Algorithms
EGEE-3210 Electronics I
CS-4810 Software Engr I
EGEE-3110 Linear Systems
EGCP-4310 Computer Networks
EGGN-4010 Senior Seminar
CS-3510 Compiler Theory & Prac
EGCP-3010 Adv Digital Logic Desi
CS-4820 Software Engr II
EGGN-3110 Professional Ethics
CS-3350 Foundations Computer S
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