API's Junk

It wants to axe you a question 25.99 Axe
It's covered 19.99 Book
Good condition, but looks a little pail 6.48 Bucket
Microscopic! 149.00 Cell Phone
We're literally selling you a stick 3.81 Dowel Rod
It's all white! 8.99 Golf Ball
Time! 10.21 Hammer
So uplifting! 0.25 Helium Baloon
This purchaes is a bright idea! 18.49 Lamp
Not the kind for the hall, though 299.99 Monitor
Nailed it! 3.79 Nail
It's the write choice! 0.98 Pencil
For when someone needs to cut it out 7.98 Scissors
I dig it! 9.99 Shovel
A napsack! 21.99 Sleeping Bag
Perfect for toads! 14.00 Stool